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PTO Contacts

Fundraising helps support the needs of our students and school. PTO fundraising events are designed to provide quality products, services, and community building programs to our students and families as a means to raise money for various projects and classroom needs. Your support of these events is greatly appreciated and helps provide items and services that otherwise would not have been possible due to budget constraints. Check out the attachment below to see some examples of what accepted PTO requests outside of the year-to-year grandfathered things PTO takes care of such as new kindergarten registrant t-shirts, 5th grade Graduation Ceremony Butterflies, and more. 

There are several easy ways that you can participate in raising money for Arapahoe Ridge and the ARE PTO.

Fall Fundraising Event

-This fall-based event is our primary fundraiser of the year.  Through fundraising, students sell products, food, magazines, and more. 

King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program

-You can help Arapahoe Ridge just by doing your regular grocery shopping or filling your car with fuel!  Sign up to purchase a reloadable King Soopers gift card through the school.  The initial balance/cost of the card will be $10.00, which you can use on your next King Soopers grocery or fuel purchase.  Keep the card and reload it as many times as you wish for up to $500 at a time.  Each time you reload your card ARE gets 5% of the total!  Purchase cards for yourself, family members and friends - anyone who shops at King Soopers or City Market!  

Click here to register a card.  You will be notified via email when the cards are available for pick up at the school. Check payable to ARE or exact cash only.

Spring Fun Run and Community Event

-A spring-based run in which all grade classes raise funds to sponsor their running around a path in front of the school.  That night, ARE hosts a community carvinal event with games, events, food, and more. 

Spirit Nights

-Throughout the year, the PTO schedules Arapahoe Ridge Spirt Nights at various establishments to promote community building amongst staff, students, and families.  Reminders via email and paper copies are sent prior to each event.  The restaurants that participate have agreed to give a percentage of their income back to ARE for use on classroom and building needs.  

Box Tops

-Collecting Box Tops is an easy and effective way to raise money for Arapahoe Ridge and help fund programs and teacher requests throughout the year. It is simple to do! Throughout the year, collect your Box Tops and send them in to school. Outside the office next to the back doors there is a school house to deposit your Box Tops in. To learn more about this program, please visit the program website.  If you have any questions, please contact Julye Ziegelman at

Additional Funding

-If your company would like to help our school in some way, be it donations, snacks, Fun-Run sponsorships, Trunk or Treat candy, or really anything, please contact us at