Grade(s): 5th Grade

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men! - Roald Dahl

Welcome to 5th grade and thank you for visiting my ARE classroom website!  For parents, this site acts as a resource for information on 5th Grade, as well as for my own classroom specifics.  Some of the information may be presented as links, attachments, pages, or typed content.

Students, please click here for websites designed just for you: 

1.  Mr. L's Kid-Based Website

2.  Mr. L's Google Classroom

Our year together will be one filled with fun, challenge, new learning, reflection, and a lot of questioning. Fifth grade is the final "elementary experience" and that said, I have a few main goals I'll use as a year-long focus as we prepare for your child's transition to middle school: advocating learning as something fun and fresh, exploring and building our character traits to help develop who we want to be and how we want to be viewed in this world, and finally, learning how to be real thinkers and questioners to grow and better the world through social action.

Each day I try to think: Do my students feel good about themselves? Did they have fun? Did they learn something new? Did they treat others with respect? Did they try their best?  Did they think and ask a lot of questions?

You can expect communication from me via multiple ways: quick reminders via text from Remind 101 and email when attachments are necessary or if I need to reach you directly.  To reach me, please contact via the contact form on this website. Calling ARE should be used for immediate and emergency needs. 

Thank you for letting me be your child's teacher!


Mr. L