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5th Grade Newspaper Club


5th Grade

The 5th grade newspaper club creates Arapahoe Ridge’s school newspaper: The We A.R.E. The Wolves Press.  The members of this club meet once a month to  investigate and write their columns, published online via Weebly.  Students draw,  interview, create questionnaires, and much more.  Besides their at-school commitment, students also spend time writing at home, as well as revising and emailing their article back and forth with the club’s editors, Mr. L and Mrs. Fielding.  The club’s goal is to share one newspaper issue per beginning of the month.  Issues are provided on our Arapahoe Ridge Elementary website (search the News Events or check the Front Page). 

Please enjoy a YouTube advertisement below from the original ARE Newspaper Club! 


Friday, September 29:  2:30-3:15
Friday, October 6: 2:30-3:45
Thursday, November 9: 2:30-3:45
Friday, December 15:  2:0-3:45
Friday, January 19: 2:30-3:45
Friday, February 9:  2:30-3:45
Friday, March 16:  2:30-3:45
Friday, April 13:  2:30-3:45
Friday, May 11:  2:30-3:45 (Last meeting and End-of-year celebration)