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Construction Starts 12/4/17!

Dear Arapahoe Ridge Elementary Families,

I’m very excited to share that construction on our planned school expansion project will begin this month. The start of this work is ahead of schedule and will help ensure that the new classroom wing of our building will be ready for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Here are a few things to expect and remember as this construction gets under way.
  • As you may recall, this construction will primarily take place near the northwest corner of our existing building. During the week of Dec. 4, our general contractor, JHL Constructors, will mobilize on site. Their job trailer will arrive and they will set up construction fencing and screens. JHL will also build a temporary road west of the school gym to access the construction site. I have included a map with this email to help you visualize how the construction site will be laid out.
  • During the week of Dec. 11, earthwork will begin where this expansion will be located. This will also include the beginning of site truck traffic. We will work closely with JHL to time this traffic to avoid school drop-off and pick-up times. At the same time, we want to remind you that we will be attempting to balance an active construction site during regular school hours, there may be occasional, inevitable overlaps.
  • Our main priority during this construction process is the safety of our students, families and staff. We will hold safety assemblies with our students and staff Tuesday, Dec. 5 so they know what to expect during the expansion process and how to stay safe near a construction site. You can click here to see this presentation
  • Construction will go on throughout the school year. It will mean noise, dust and construction traffic. I would ask for your patience and to stay focused on the final result: a beautiful new addition to our school.
  • All construction workers will go through security screening and be required to wear badges to be allowed on the construction site. They will have limited access to the rest of our school building and will not interact with students.
  • Beginning Monday, December 4th all 2nd and 5th grade classrooms will no longer line up outside in the mornings on the blacktop. 2nd and 5th grade students will line up inside each day, in the hallway outside of their classroom door.
  • Students will continue to use mobile classrooms for the remainder of this school year. If construction goes as expected, the mobile classrooms will disappear at the end of the current school year. Yay!
  • Construction during the school year will be contained to the building expansion. Our existing building will receive upgrades during Summer 2018.
  • I will share occasional updates on this project and any significant changes to the construction process as needed. I would encourage you to bookmark our project webpage - - for regular updates and photos from the construction site.

One final note: we will celebrate the start of construction with a groundbreaking ceremony at 10 a.m., Monday, Dec. 18. Parents and community members are welcome to attend this event. I’m so excited to get this work started and for the wonderful improvements that will have a positive impact for our school.


Kate Vogel

Arapahoe Ridge Elementary