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**IVAN fun. Gorilla t-shirts are IN! Order Applegate books.

Silverback Gorilla

Click on this link to get to the One and Only Ivan activities!

On the One and Only Ivan site you will find staff-read podcasts of the chapters, trivia questions, a calendar of events, the family bingo card, links to the family FlipGrid to post videos, and much more in English and Spanish!

Click here to learn more about the Bingo Board and Flipgrid videos.

Are you getting excited?  Our family Zoom night is next week!  May 6th!!!  Keep a look out for supplies and an agenda to come home on the 5th and 6th.  Now would be a great time to start collecting the recycled materials for our STEM activity.  Start filling a bag with a variety of construction materials such as aluminum foil, bubble wrap, cardboard, craft sticks. Dowel rods, straws, tape, newspaper, paper clips, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, paper cups, string, styrofoam packing material, toilet paper tubes, marbles, small pieces of wood… whatever you can find.

    On Tuesday May 25th the author of The One and Only Ivan, Katherine Applegate,  will be providing us with a virtual Author Visit at 9am!  If you are interested in purchasing some of her books, a flyer will be going home next week.  Or access it here.  The due date for book purchases is May 14th.  The books are 25% off the purchase price.