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Hour Of Code Continues: Try more over break

kids doing hour of code

All students K-5 will be participating in the worldwide Hour of Code.  This hour will be devoted to exposing students to computer science, computational thinking and coding.  Students here have been doing Hour of Code for the past several years.  Thank you to our community partners, Sales Force and John Conley, for sending out volunteers to support students during this fun day.  Below are the activities that students will be participating in this year.

Kindergarten will be doing unplugged activities with BeeBots and an activity called Rosie's Runtime.

1st grade: Code.Org Course  (Course B)  *Start with lesson 2 Activity 2

2nd grade: Minecraft (start with Minecraft Adventurer)  or Code.Org Course  (Course B)  *Start with lesson 2 Activity 2

3rd - 5th graders: Dance Party

Scratch Dialogue Activity