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Gifted & Talented

Academics - Gifted & Talented

Our Vision and Mission -  Advanced Academic & Gifted Services (AAGS)

Our School’s GT Coordinator(s) Contact Information

Name: Angie Keating

When is GT testing in my school?

Universal Screening: In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, 2nd and 6th graders who are not already identified GT participate in the Universal Screening process for potential gifted and talented identification. Find more detailed information regarding Universal Screening in the Five Star District.

Parent/Staff/Student GT Recommendation: Do you suspect that your child may be in need of enriched academic programming?  Does it seem like he or she may need additional challenges in their education, and may be gifted or talented?  Gifted/Talented (G/T) testing at Arapahoe Ridge Elementary is currently scheduled for Tuesday, December 7, 2021 for all students in grades K-1 and 3-5 (testing for all 2nd grade students will occur on a different date).  If you have a student you would like to nominate for G/T identification and would like to have tested, please fill out this form ARE GT Identification Process Request Form  no later than Thursday, October 25, 2021. You may also go to for further information.

**GT Testing will take place in-person on December 7, 2021. **

Evaluaciones para la Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos: ¿Sospecha que su hijo tal vez necesite programación académica enriquecida? ¿Parece que necesita retos adicionales en su educación o que tal vez sea dotado o talentoso? Las evaluaciones para dotados y talentosos (G/T siglas en inglés) en Arapahoe Ridge Elementary actualmente está programada para Martes, 7 de diciembre de 2021 para todos los estudiantes en los grados de kínder a 1º y de 3º a 5º (los exámenes para todos los estudiantes de 2º se administrará en otra fecha).  Si usted tiene un hijo al cual le gustaría nominar para la identificación G/T y quisiera que sea evaluado, por favor llene este formulario ARE GT Identification Process Request Form  a más tardar Jueves, 25 de octubre de 2021. Usted también puede visitar la páginaón para dotados y talentosos para más información.

** Las pruebas GT se llevarán a cabo en persona el 7 de diciembre de 2021. Si el estudiante participa en el aprendizaje remoto, aún deberá asistir en persona a la sesión de prueba. **

Gifted & Talented Program Offerings

Advanced Curriculum & Extended Learning:  “The Vehicle”
Provides the depth and complexity needed to ensure meaningful academic growth
Our school offerings include: Access to extension activities in areas of strength, STEM-based activity sets in our computer lab & library, access to professional resources and documents for teachers to integrate into classrooms

Differentiated Learning Pathways:  “The Roadmap”
Provides an education at the appropriate level of readiness and challenge
Our school offerings include: Battle of the Books Club, access to technology that allows differentiated and personalized learning, leveled groups in reading and math, collaborative group projects

Individualized Opportunities & Enrichment:  “The Customized Options”

Actively engages and motivates through interests and meaningful learning opportunities
Our school offerings include: Passion Projects, Mind Benders, Logic Puzzles, Genius Corner, Maker Space, Club Invention, Girls Who Code Club

Social-Emotional Learning:  “The Destination”
Focuses on developing the whole child by balancing empowerment and accountability
Our school offerings include: Morning Meetings, Student Leadership Opportunities