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Second Step

This year Arapahoe Ridge Elementary School has comitted to weekly social emotional learning lessons taught by classroom teachers and supported by all staff members.  The idea is to broaden the use of these skils beyond the classroom into each learning space children encounter. The curriculm we are using is a research-based, social-emotional learning called Second Step.  Please read this Second Step Introduction letter for more information on the specific content and units of study.

We hope these ARE Second Step grade level webpages provide families with ideas to discuss and practice social emotional learning skills at home as well.  The more consistency and opportunity we can provide to our learners the better their skills will become in these areas that are critically important to their overall health and well-being.  If you have any quesitons about the content or need support, please contact the following:

Ms. Amy Stice, Social Emotional Learning Specialist - / 720-972-3758

Mrs. Stephanie Phillips, School Social Worker - / 720-972-5747

Committee for Children

Second Step