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Student Work 2014-2015

"The Three Little Pigs" Kindergarten stories variations on FLIP GORILLA

Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Robbins

Mrs. Woods

Mrs. Marriott

Pumpkin Inquiry Facts  

The students asked questions about pumpkins. We then used a variety of sources and experiments to learn all about them.  Each student wrote a fact about pumpkins that he or she had learned. Using the MyStory app on the iPad they published their findings.  Below are the students mini-books.  Please click on the link to see the work and hear their voices.

Ms. Keating's Images

Youtube Video  (rubber band pumpkin cut)


Abigail and Cole

Eben and Aveonna

Emma and Tia

Eric and Yahir


Kaden and Alexis

Lilly and Alicia

Marcellino and Manuel

Naomi and Arianna

Noah and Trinity

Roselyn and Akadia

Zoe and Brenna


Addie and Lola

Brian and Olivia

Christopher and Sabina

Hector and Michelle

Julia and Alanan


Lewis and Sawyer

Liv and Mikyle

Livie, Wilson and Aubree

Quinn and Jadyn


Adalyn and Grace

Addison and Graham


Lenaya and Jaydin

Ellie and Bryce

Jayden and Gabriel

Khloe and Cody

Nahomy and Paxton

Noah and Brian

Wren and Tomas


Gianna and Anna

Heidi and Marisa

Jose and Ashley

Karlie and Zach

Keishly and Charlie


Mikayla and Jade

Nikko and Addison

Yani and Fernando



Brooklyn and Bayley

Dani and Anthony