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Social Emotional Learning

General Education


Welcome families! While remote learning cannot replace in-person learning, our overarching goal is to keep students progressing so they’re as ready as possible when we do return to in-person learning.  Just like we are as teachers, remind yourself and your child(ren) that being unsure is okay-we are all learners, together, in this new situation!

Name: Mrs. Amy Stice

Communication Method: Coming Soon

Phone: Coming Soon

Email: Coming Soon

Parents may use any email. Students should only use their district provided Adams 12 email, not personal email.

Office Hours:  Coming Soon


Classroom Updates & Classwork Location: 

***SPECIALS/SEL  Classroom Links: K-2 & 3-5

Directions for Google Sign-On From Home



Device Request

Attendance Expectations:  The SEL teacher will not be taking daily attendance, but students are encouraged to find at least one SEL activity each day to complete.

Assignment Completion  Students can choose from the menu of SEL activities each week.  

Time Dedication: All teachers will look at work completion on a weekly basis, allowing families and students to complete assignments throughout the day and week at times that work best for them.  Classwork Postings: SEL activities will be posted once a week, for the entire week. I will post SEL activities Sunday night, weekly. 

Please ask for help when you need it-there are a lot of us thinking through the same thing and together we'll do our best to make learning at home a smooth, engaging, and purposeful experience. ​



If you have any questions about the information found here or can't find the information you need for this class you are encouraged to contact Mr. Seifarth directly via his personal contact form on his profile page - linked above with the CONTACT button or click on the email link above. You can also reach me by phone and I will be  available in person via zoom during my office hours.