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Standards and Grading

There Are 4 Physical Education Standards which Guide And Assess Student Learning At Arapahoe Ridge

Standard 1-Skills

Demonstrate skills and applies concepts.

Around ten skill themes are assessed as students demonstrate their abilities within these themes.

Standard 2- Physical Wellness

Participates in regular physical activity and demonstrates components of health - related fitness. 

Students participation is represented from their cognitive understanding of what is needed to live healthy active lifestyles. 

Many opportunities are given throughout the year to determine the students understanding. 


Standard 3-Social Wellness

Demonstrates responsible & respectful, behavior and positive social interaction. 

Students are taught character traits which lead to responsible & respectful behavior not only within the class but in life. 

Students will then demonstrate their understanding through activities.

Additionally, their behavior will be documented if they need reminders.  
Students are always given the opportunity to think about and apologize for any mistakes they make and the teacher will take the opportunity to re-teach the expected behavior to help the student succeed.  

Standard 4-Safety

Apply personal safety knowledge and skills to prevent injury.

Students follow and understand rules of a game and rules of the class and they relate to safety.

Students practice safety realated skills to ensure the safety of themsevles and other students by underdstanding and following rules. 


  For each standard a 4 point rubric is used to determine the level of proficiency a student can demonstrate.

4 = Exceeds the standard

3 = Meets the standard

2 = Progressing toward the standard

1 = Beginning stages of the standard