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Mr. L's (Lardes) Class

General Education

I’m humbled to work with you and your child and thank you for trusting me to best guide your students in their development emotionally, socially, and academically this year!  For parents, this site acts as a resource for information on 5th Grade. For students, you can access links to our Google Classroom and my external website. 

Using what we learn around our foci: thinking, character, and social action, we'll follow the mantra of "Observe. Question. Research. Action." This mantra encompasses our work together not only for the year, but as an important catalyst for your child’s future in this great, big world of ours. 

Thinking: Think different! Thinking is an emphasis in our classroom-learning and applying the different mindsets of thinking (growth vs. fixed), questioning the world around us, and learning the process of HOW to think, not WHAT to think!  How can we apply our thinking to real-life events? How can our thinking change what we once thought was limiting to an endless world of possibility? With thinking in one hand and curiosity in the other, we will understand curricular concepts in our own lives, apply that understanding to the curriculum, and, in many cases, evaluate those concepts in terms of needing to make changes in the future! 

Character:  Our character defines us, guides us, prepares us, and assists us in making change. By exploring the science of character we’ll consider who we are and act on who we want to be through research, reflection, conversation, integrating character throughout our curriculum, and of course, a lot of building upon various character traits. Our character work will prepare us for the immediate transitions, such as middle school, and life-long transitions, such as being a great human being. 

Social Action: All of our new learning around thinking and character, along with authentic and relevant research, lead us to social action-the change we can together make in this world. A wise friend of mine and retired master-teacher always said, “…you can be the most educated person on the planet but if don’t do anything with that knowledge-it’s wasted.” In this final year of elementary school experience your child will have countless opportunities to impact the world around them by considering why things are the way they are and making change from it!

You can expect communication from me via email for a monthly newsletter and for communication, both whole class and individusal.  To reach me, please contact via the contact form on this website. Calling ARE should be used for immediate and emergency needs. 

Again, thank you for letting me be your child's teacher! As a team of parent, student, and teacher, we'll have an awesome year together!  

Students, please click here for access to: 

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