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Mrs. Hassell's Class

General Education


Welcome families! While remote learning cannot replace in-person learning, our overarching goal is to keep students progressing so they’re as ready as possible when we do return to in-person learning.  Just like we are as teachers, remind yourself and your child(ren) that being unsure is okay-we are all learners, together, in this new situation!


  • Name: Mrs. Hassell

  • Communication Method: Gmail, Google Classroom, 

    • Parents may use any email. Students should only use their district provided Adams 12 email, not personal email. 

  • Office Hours:  Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, I can be reached via email during the office hours listed below: 

    • Monday:  8 am - 10 am

    • Tuesday:  2 pm- 4 pm

    • Wednesday: 8 am - 10 am

    • Thursday: 2 pm- 4 pm

    • Friday: 8 am - 10 am 


  • Classroom Updates & Classwork Location: Google Classroom 


  • Device Request

  • Attendance Expectations:  Instead of on a daily basis, teachers will track attendance based on weekly student participation and work completion.

  • Time Dedication: All teachers will look at work completion on a weekly basis, allowing families and students to complete assignments throughout the day and week at times that work best for them.  Assigned daily classwork will average 60 minutes for Grades K-2 and 60-90 minutes for Grades 3-5, Monday thru Friday. 

  • Classwork Postings:  Classwork will be posted once a week, for the entire week.  I will post classwork Monday morning, weekly. 

5th Grade's High-Use Links for Students 

Please ask for help when you need it-there are a lot of us thinking through the same thing and together we'll do our best to make learning at home a smooth, engaging, and purposeful experience. ​



Earlier in the year: 

Welcome to 5th grade and thank you for visiting our ARE classroom website!  For parents, this site acts as a resource for information on 5th Grade, as well as for my own classroom specifics.  Some of the information may be presented as links, attachments, pages, or typed content.

A little about me...I've been teaching since 2006, most of those years have been here at Arapahoe Ridge Elementary. Believe it or not, I actually started teaching in third grade. From there I taught first grade for a year and am now teaching fifth grade.  I've learned so much in each grade and every experience at school and couldn't imagine a more satisfying, yet ridiculously fun career!

Our year together will be one filled with fun, challenge, new learning, reflection, and a lot of questioning. Fifth grade is the final "elementary experience" and that said, I have a few main goals I'll use as a year-long focus as we prepare for your child's transition to middle school: advocating for themselves as learners, exploring and building our character to be the best human being you can be and how we want to be viewed in this world, and finally, learning how to be real thinkers and questioners to grow and better the world through social actions.

You can expect communication from me via multiple ways: quick reminders via text from Remind and email when attachments are necessary or if I need to reach you directly.  To reach me, please contact via the contact form on this website. Calling ARE should be used for immediate and emergency needs.

Thank you for letting me be your child's teacher!


Mrs. Hassell

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