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Thinkers Will Rule The World.

The Arapahoe library is an active place of teaching and learning.  The librarian collaborates with teachers to teach digital literacy skills within the context of the classroom curriculum.  Often lessons are based in the inquiry model where students are actively creating their own learning.  The focus is on digital citizenship, digital tools, information literacy and inquiry. 24/7 resources

Library Policies And Procedures

Students are allowed to check out a certain number of books based upon their grade level.  Readers who need more may talk to Ms. Keating on a one on one basis.

  • Kindergarten - 1 book
  • 1st grade - 2 books
  • 2 - 5th grade - 3 books

Books are due 2 weeks after checkout.  Students may bring their books back into the library to renew as often as necessary.

Kindergarten and 1st grade typically return and check out a new book(s) every week.

Overdues are ran and sent home weekly or bi-weekly.  Please keep an eye out for overdues in backpacks.

When books are either ruined or lost, students will need to find and return the book if possible, pay for it or work it off.  In order to work off a book, the student needs to come to the library for 5 days of recesses.  During that time, the student will perform cleaning, organizing and reshelving.  (The "work it off" option is a one time option.  A second lost or ruined book will need to be paid for.)

Library Book Care Tips

1. Place your book in your backpack when you are at home!  This prevents them from being lost or damaged.

2. Avoid water around your books.  Watch out for rain and leaky water bottles.

3. Keep books away from babies and dogs.  Both will ruin your books.

4. Do not give your books to friends or let them borrow them.  Return your book then have your friend check it out.

5. Be careful with your books.  Do not let them get stepped on, crumpled, shoved in desks or torn.

6. Turn pages from the corners gently so it won't tear.

7. Do not pick off any of the labels or barcodes.