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Ms. Girardin's Music Class


Welcome to the Arapahoe Ridge Music Room! Every child at Arapahoe Ridge learns music through singing, playing instruments, moving, creating, improvising, listening, discussing, using critical thinking skills and problem solving.  Every child is a musician here at ARE and I am honored to be a guide on their musical journey.



    Zoom Link: If you cannot reach Ms.G's Music class through SCHOOLOGY, please click on the Link below. Students need to use their SCHOOL addresses for any of the activities and access to materials. Please do not use HOME email addresses.

    ZOOM information and GUIDELINES for the Virtual Music Room:

    • Students need to have their OWN NAME (not silly nicknames or parents names, please!) on Zoom windows. 
    • Students must follow the rules of the classroom even though we will be at home.
    • NO eating, please! Wait until after class to eat a snack- would you eat in the music room? 
    • Please make sure that your computer is on a SOLID surface. Please do not walk around with the device. Ms. G is not a fan of rollercoaster rides :-)
    • Please SIT Up and don't lie down on your comfy bed or couch. This is still school. 

    NOVEMBER REMOTE STUDENTS ONLY: (This is for kids who are already REMOTE and are not switching over on Nov.16th)

    • 4th and 5th Grade MUSIC ASYNCHRONOUS WORK is ON YOUR SCHOOLOGY PAGE! You will need to Open the ORANGE FOLDER for the week's activities. You WILL be graded on these assignments, so please don't skip them! I will be sending attendance to your teachers.
    • To access QUAVER MUSIC- click on the yellow box. I will be posting a video about how to access Quaver Assignments for the week of Nov.16th.

    Ms. Girardin's EMAIL is:   In any email, please include students' FIRST and LAST names and Grade because Ms. G teaches ALL elementary students. 

    Websites for fun music activities:

    Please ask for help when you need it-there are a lot of us thinking through the same thing and together we'll do our best to make learning at home a smooth, engaging, and purposeful experience. ​