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Activities - All Arts

Art Club

Art Club takes place 2-3 times per school year in the art room, after school, usually four sessions per club.  Art Club provides expanding learning of the visual arts standards and 21st century...

Book-to-Movie Reading Club

Book to Movie club is a way to bring the love of reading to children.  This club focuses on a book that is coming out in the movie theatres.  In the group we read the story, participate in activities...

Cursive Club

Fourth and fifth graders are able to learn and practice cursive in this fun after-school club hosted by Ms. Finnegan and Mrs. Pentecost. The members of this club will meet for five consecutive...

Kindergarten Art Club

This is an opportunity for half-day kindergarten students to participate in an art club that focuses on creativity and fine motor while infusing songs and literacy.  Students will get to listen to...