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Mr. Foubert's P.E. Class

Physical Education

Welcome to P.E. 

Important message about In-Person P.E.: 

As we return to in-person Physical Education, I wanted to share some information on how we will have fun, be active, and keep everyone safe. Outdoor P.E. will be the norm as we will be holding Physical Education classes outside as long as weather permits. Please remember to dress accordingly. Students will need to bring coats and hats for cold days, and have tennis shoes everyday. If the weather doesn't allow for outside P.E., we will be in the gym. While inside the gymnasium, students will have a designated area for physical education that will allow for increased physical distancing to occur and masks must be worn at all times while inside. All indoor P.E. lessons and activities will allow for safe and comfortable mask wearing. All Physical Education games and activities will require no physical contact, limited or no shared equipment, and to the best of my ability, will not require students to be in close proximity to one another. I am committed to keeping your child and your family safe as we return to in-person learning. Thank you for your support. 


Welcome back Kindergarten and 1st grade online students and families! Starting April 26th and going until the end of the school year, I look forward to providing exciting asynchronous Physical Education activities for your child(ren)'s online Physical Education.  While online learning will look different than in-person learning, my overarching goal is to keep students progressing so they’re as ready as possible when they do return to in-person learning. Posted below is the link for online P.E. found within students´ schoology dashboards (PE tile). 

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO ONLINE ZOOM MEETING TIMES: Starting April 27 and April 29 our Zoom meeting time will change as in-person learners return to the school building. 

Kindergarten Zoom meeting: Tuesdays at 12:40. 

Starting April 27, 2021. I will be providing a weekly optional Tuesday afternoon opportunity at 12:40 pm for online students in Kindergarten to connect via Zoom with me as well as each other. For security reasons, online students will need to access the Zoom link found within their PE tile in Schoology.

1st Grade Zoom meeting: Thursdays at 12:40.

Starting April 29, 2021. I will be providing a weekly optional Thursday afternoon opportunity at 12:40 pm for students in 1st grade to connect via Zoom with me as well as each other. For security reasons, online students will need to access the Zoom link found within their PE tile in Schoology.   

CLICK HERE: K and 1st grade online P.E. Link to Schoology. 


  • Name: Mr. Foubert

  • Communication Method: Gmail:

    • Parents may use any email. Students should only use their district provided Adams 12 email, not personal email. 


  • Device Request

  • Attendance and Time Expectations:  Specials teachers will not be taking attendance for online students, but students will need to access the P.E. Schoology tile in the link above and complete activities for each day they have P.E. on their schedule. Activities are self-paced and do not require submission unless otherwise noted. Weekly google form must be completed and submitted by 3:00 pm every last day of the school week.  
    Please ask for help when you need it and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible and I look forward to making Physical Education learning at home a smooth, engaging, and purposeful experience. ​ ​


If you have any questions about the information found here or can't find the information you need for this class you are encouraged to contact Mr. Foubert directly via his personal contact form on his profile page - linked above with the CONTACT button or click on the email link above.